How to Divide an Open Plan Area using Rugs and Smart Furnishings

These days, open plan living is a trend, it’s so much a fashion that most
homes are designed as free-flowing units, without walls, which traditionally
defined and labeled spaces. This is a practical concept, which presents both
pros and cons for designers wanting to define areas, according to their
function. A clever method of sectioning off various spaces within an open plan
layout, is to use elements, such as rugs and furnishings to create a sense of
definition within the whole. Establishing niches, and corners by focusing the
area around a statement rug, is often an easy way to compartmentalize
spaces, and keep them separate, while still maintaining coordination.
Seamless flow is what we’re after here, and it’s difficult to pull off without the
right elements.
Positioning rugs in such a way that they act as dividers for rooms, instantly
offers focal points for living areas, dining rooms and other areas such as
walkways or even a location for a home office workstation. Using fixed ceiling
lighting over these sections, further enhances a feeling of separation, while still
allowing overall coordination.
To illuminate this idea fully, we’ll offer a few examples of using rugs from our
Flatweave collection as a focal point for various areas.
In the dining area, we’d need to select a rug which highlights both the table
and the chairs. There are two options here, a large rug, placed under the
table, such as Chiasso Ivory Grey in 230cm by 330cm, or a smaller version in
160cm by 230cm, behind or under the seating.
For the living room area, a coordinating or contrasting piece, such as
the France Grey placed at the center of the area, maintains the flow, while
dividing the space.

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